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KAPAP Testimonials


I have had the privelage of having Albert assist in the training of our SWAT Team. Albert provided the team with real world experience gained from actually being there. 

Albert brought out the best in the team and was the ultimate task master. No detail, no matter how small went unnoticed by him.  Albert is a great instructor who cares about his students. He provides positive quality instruction. 

Mike Riggs
Emergency Management Coordinator 
Huston METRO PD, TX 

KAPAP Academy,

 A few months ago I was tasked with setting up a tactical weapons course for my unit.  After looking at a few different companies I decided to inquire with KAPAP ACADEMY LLC, and I was very impressed.  The instructors were very patient, helpful, and professional when dealing with some of the problems we were faced with during the process of planning and executing this course.  We experienced many setbacks throughout this process and he was always very patient and provided any and all information that we requested, even if it was something he had already sent in the past.  Albert Timen’s instruction in the field was outstanding.  Our particular mission is very unique and the Israeli Combat Point Shooting Method was a very fitting style for us.  My team and unit is made up of guys who are in great athletic and mental shape, and even at the level we were at, Albert was able to challenge each and every one of us in many different ways (both physical and mental), this had a huge positive effect on our student learning outcome. 

I have never had the confidence that I have now in my issued weapons.  Just the short time with KAPAP Academy has greatly increased the efficiency of my unit and team when dealing with weapons and tactics.  

Don’t Forget Da Tilt!

USAF/ Patrick H.

I have been training martial arts for 25 years and work as professional security instructor in Finland. I went for KAPAP insrtuctor course level 1 in Gothenbourg, Sweden. KAPAP really impressed me by the professional teaching and knowledge of realistic close-hand-combat and self-defence. Mr. Albert Timen introduced the Israeli point- shooting in enthusiastic and efficient way. I realized that shooting really is also a martial art.

KAPAP is highly recommended for all the people from civilians to special forces. KAPAP is realistic with all the aspects one needs for surviving without any additional "tricks".

Albert is highly skilled professional in his field and also very symphatetic person which makes the teaching very enjoyable.

I am very happy becoming a member of the KAPAP ACADEMY LLC family and really proud in presenting the system in my country.

Pertti Kuronen, Finland
Instructor, KAPAP
Chief insructor Finland, FOX kickboxing
Europe Representative, ISFA Shootfighting

"Albert brings real life experience and real combat experience to a real new world need.  He provides the thorough training and practical applications needed to face real life confrontations.  Alberts training is exactly what I need to face my everyday challenges as a Correctional Officer."


 "Speaking as a law enforcement officer, KAPAP ACADEMY LLC has given me new insight into close quarters combat and is the best training that I've taken. It gives you the satisfaction that you have learned techniques that are truly useful, but it also gives you the desire to learn more and train even harder. Albert creates a professional but yet relaxed atmosphere for his intensive training courses. It truly is an outstanding student/teacher experience. Both  and Albert Timen are second to none in real world experience."

Deputy R.P.Powell
Harris County, Texas

"Very valuable training with the best reality check ever. great well thought out progression in training and an excellent trainer with great ethics."

Grandmaster Alexander Bautista Bayot France 
Filipino Martial Arts Academy

This course has changed much of what I believed about combatives in real world situations. I am twice as capable of surviving a hostile encounter if not more after this course.
 Instruction could not have been presented any better. It was clear and followed up in a way that made it easy for me to understand the principles.  I look forward on continuing my education with KAPAP ACADEMY and being able to offer this method of training to others.  Learning from an instructor with this level of actual experience is priceless - Thank you Albert!

Charles Trembley - PMA 
Fresno PD, CA 

I have had the pleasure to get to know Albert Timen over the past year. I have been fortunate to work with them on a professional basis, as well as getting to know them personally. I have hosted a number of classes that Albert have taught for area law enforcement officers. They always present an outstanding class. They are very knowledgeable and they want to share their methods and techniques with officers. I have been in law enforcement for 25 years, and I believe that the techniques taught through KAPAP are some of the most effective that I have seen. They are practical and useful for the street officer. The experience that a person receives from Albert is second to none. They go above and beyond to make sure that the student learns the neessary information and techniques. I highly recommend KAPAP ACADEMY LLC to all law enforcement officers.

Dan Williams
Navarro College Police Academy

It is hard to decipher what Martial Arts or systems are worth their salt these days. With so many people coming out with the system that promises results in a short period of time, so many people don't know where to look. For those of us in the Military and Law Enforcement world, our purpose and expectations can only be met on a daily basis with effectiveness and simplicity. Kapap, taught by KAPAP ACADEMY LLC is the most practical, effective, and mission relevant system that pertains to our specific needs that I have found. I highly recommend it to any and all Military, Law Enforcement, and even those seeking a truly direct combative and defense system.

Sergeant Tanner Nystrom
Marine Corps Security Forces
Close-Quarters Battle Instructor
Lancaster City Bureau of Police

I would just like to let you know how much I enjoyed the Instructor Course held in Corsicana, Texas last month. The training was extremely practical and more importantly applicable and it is very appropriate for the Personal Protection Detail that we work with in South America. Of great importance as well was the attention you paid to Combat Fitness which stressed the point that if you are not in shape you cannot perform adequately. Your experience in the field brought a true sense of realism to the training and the techniques and when I returned home Ireally felt like I had achieved something worthwhile. Good luck in all your future endeavors and we would have no trouble recommending you to other companies and associates.

Best Regards

William Hay - President

Excellent instructor. Interesting analysis and  explanations of the moves. Very strongly recommended

Robert J. MacRae

Please accept this as a formal letter of appreciation regarding the recent training that I completed at your academy. I have completed various courses in the military and I have attended numerous private training facilities and academies as you know I would certainly say that the training I received at your establishment is excellent overall.. Your professionalism and ability to relate tactics and techniques to real world situations was very beneficial to me. I must add that your extensive background supports all the training that we covered.

In a world that now has thousands of self proclaimed counter-terrorism experts you are a welcome change. Your past operational experience and knowledge compliment your training centre. It is nice to see Israeli combat systems being instructed by an individual that has dedicated his entire life to combat as opposed to some of the watered down systems instructed by individuals with minimal experience. I hope you continue to maintain such high standards and only pass the students that are deserving of your certificates. All the best to you and the academy.

R.Mitchell EMT-PA

Dear Albert, Please accept my greatest thanks for the training you provided at our sheffield club yesterday (May 20th 2006). I've trained for many years under many instructors - including European Kick boxing Champions, however all pale into insignificance when compared to the ego-less ease in which you both teach and demonstrate the essence of Kapap. Craig Welsh is our accomplished and respected tutor and the way in which you related your advanced techniques to the ladder of training Craig will provide in the future was a great motivator. Unfortunately I have become totally dissillussioned with the local Krav club I was a member of, but thanks to Craig/Debbie and now most certainly yourselves, I have rediscovered a waning entheusiasm for self and family preservation - for this you have my greatest thanks. I look forward to training with you in the near future.

Again, thank you
David Bissell

Albert, firstly I would sincerely like to thankyou for taking the time to come to all the way to the UK. I was very honoured and priviledged to participate in the 5 day course that just took place in Sheffield. The course has made me think THINK about alot of things, especially after I have had some time to reflect , and some of the tiredness has gone lol.
Firstly how lucky we are in Sheffield to have Craig as our instructor ( I will tell him, just as long as he promises not get too big of a head) but now with your support its like the icing on the cake.
For the first time out of all the courses , seminars I have attended , someone has taken the time to systematically progress an idea , into a logical progression , with one part feeding the next , without confusing or contradicting.
Basically stuff that really seems to work, and to not just except things that we are told , to question them, so we can find the value in them, which I quess can be carried into all walks of life. Thanks for the kick up the arse , as I think I was getting in too much of a comfort zone
Kind regards
Duncan B.